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Songs for today

June 1, 2012

“Xtal” Aphex Twin

“Melt!” Flying Lotus

“1009” Bonobo

“Forest Families (Live)” The Knife

“The Rip” Portishead

“Waves” J Dilla

“Daydream” Tycho

“Nights Introlude” Nightmares On Wax

“Cliff” Aphex Twin

“Pickled!” Flying Lotus

“Noctuary” Bonobo

“Aquarium” Nosaj Thing

“Heliosphan” Aphex Twin

“Light My Fire” J Dilla

“Sleepy Seven” Bonobo


Support The Arts of MSU

April 29, 2012

Aside from finals this week, there are a fair amount of art shows going on.  First off is the Tracy Screenings, screening of all the Senior Films made this year at MSU’s School of Film and Photography.  Screenings will be Monday-Thursday at 6pm at the Procrastinator Theater, in the SUB.  Mon-Wed is $2 and will involve voting, Thursday is a free screening at 7pm.


Wednesday, May 2, is the release of Theory Magazine Issue 1, is a independent arts and culture magazine started by Brian Thabault, and will be at the Cottonwood Club.  The event will start around 7pm, is free and BYOB.  Magazines will be available for $5.

Thursday, May 3, is the MSU Senior Thesis Photography Exhibition 2012 at Riverside Country Club, off Springhill Rd, from 6-9pm.  The event is free to the public and will be showcasing the work of 28 students.  There will also be alcohol for purchase and well as orderves.  Following the show, PUB 317 will be hosting the official afterparty!  Many drinks specials will be available and local bluegrass band, Flatt Cheddar will be playing.

Friday, May 4, is the 2012 BFA Thesis and Graphic Design Thesis Exhibition at the Helen E. Copeland Gallery, from 7-9pm.  This event is also be free to the public.

So if your done with finals or looking to take a study break, come and supports the arts of MSU.  Good Luck to everyone on their finals!

Chuck Close Emulation

April 23, 2012

Chuck Close emulation shot with 4×5 camera.  Prints are 20inx24in. Special thanks to Mark Lee.

Personal Vision and Identity/Representation Show TONIGHT!

March 6, 2012

The reception for the 2012 Personal Vision and The Identity/Representation are going on tonight.  The reception for Identity/Representation starts in The Helen E. Copeland Gallery @ 7pm and the awards ceremony and reception for Personal Vision in the Cheever Gallery, at 8pm.  Hope to see you there!

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Collin Avery Solo Show @ The Exit Gallery

February 5, 2012

Collin Avery, my roommate,  is having his first solo show at the EXIT Gallery.  The reception is Wednesday February 8th @ 5pm in the SUB.  There will be wine, beer, and refreshments.  Collin will be giving away 25 signed/numbered prints to the first 25 people who attend the reception. See ya there!

“Remain Calm” is an artistic venture into Collin Avery’s detailed observation of ordinary spaces and objects that serve an unsettling purpose. Avery’s photography focuses on self-reflection and his connection with particular physical details of spaces. With inspiration from his childhood, the photos demonstrate how he developed ways to escape difficult mental and physical situations. Avery used these “intimate moments of silence” along with self-introspection and a specific way of viewing the ordinary spaces to compose his photographs. Upon first viewing his work, the subjects of the photographs appear as common unnoticed items, but as Collin claims, his images “are not about finding the extraordinary in the everyday, but instead are about finding the everyday extraordinary.” Upon spending time with the photos, one finds himself connected whether by nostalgia, a fleeting glimpse of a memory, feelings of anxiety, confusion and even disgust at the comforting yet repulsive combinations of dreary paneling, quiet pastels, and floral patterns that we know only too well.


January 30, 2012

SAY SOMTHIN! the full video is now on Vimeo.  Check it out!

Also check out the article the in Exponent,the MSU school newspaper, reviewing the film and the premiere at The Cottonwood Club.’-premiere

Also I still have plenty of SAY SOMTHIN! t-shirts and stickers available SM, M, L, XL.  Shirts are $10 and stickers are $1.  Hit me up if your interested 404-213-8539.


Some More Artsy Skateboarding

January 26, 2012

Edited by Kurt McGrane


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