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How Many Beer Left?

August 2, 2011

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About two weeks ago, a crew of  lightness and darkness skateboarders from Bozeman took a trip to Helena.  Our crew was comprised of Logan Triplett, Nash Addicks, Ozz Nagel, Race Nagel, Cody Taylor, Tony Machado, and Ben Lardy.   We rolled out Saturday evening.  Unfortunately Logan forgot the video camera.  Luckily,  I was armed with my Nikon D700, so I ended up documenting the trip with photos (above).

We rolled into Helena around 7ish and still had plenty of light to skate. We anihilated the park…as us Bozeman shredders tend to do when we roll up to a skatepark, we throw down. We skated into the darkness, started taking some night shots with my flash and got a couple nice photos.  After our sesh, the nearby park was setting off fireworks, so I snapped a photograph of everyone watching from the skatepark.

From there we rolled to Safeway to stock up on some beer and grabbed a bite to eat at Wendys…sorry TBell no 4th Meal this trip.

We then drove three blocks down the street to Evan Estrada’s parents house.  Once there, we hung out, played music, took photographs, and enjoyed our beer.  The quote of the night was “How many beer left?”  (When you’ve had a few, any plural word just becomes singular , and it’s understood.)  As everyone was winding down, Tony, Race, Brandon McGuire, a Helena local, and myself, decided we hadn’t had enough, and went skating for a little night sesh.  Some gnarly tricks were thrown down by Race and Tony, which was quite impressive.  After about an hour of cruising we headed back to Evan’s and crashed, camping in the backyard.

We awoke the next morning sore and tired.  We decide to get some breakfest in the historical part of downtown Helena at The Creperie, a delicious place.  We downed those crepes and coffee, and headed to the park and spent pretty much the rest of the day skating.  It was hot, but we persevered and threw down once again.  We all headed back to Bozeman dog tired that evening, but content with our completed mission.  As Chris Brown would say “Look at me know, I’m gettin paper.”  Stay Fly Homies.

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