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Bonobo W/ Proper Motion, Friday, Feb 11th @ The Filler

February 6, 2011


Blue Mood Productions and Seafarer Entertainment are HONORED and PLEASED to present:

Bonobo DJ SET ( NinjaTune)
W/Proper Motion ( Nojah+ DuRtyHaRry)

Friday Feb 11th, 2011
@ The Filling Station
Bozeman, Montana
21+ Doors @ 9
Tickets are $15 adv avail @ Cactus Records and

It never fails to amaze me how swiftly a moment of fortune can so easily become a noose round the neck. Especially in the oh so fickle world of the music biz. In the case of Bonobo the moment, or perhaps the year, of fortune came when he released his debut album ‘Animal Magic’, at the precise time that ‘chill’ was the buzz word on everyone’s lips. Never mind the fact that, even on the evidence of those first efforts, he was a truly gifted producer, you can’t beat the power of the buzz. As is the way of these things, the buzz became the murmur, and soon became the background hum, as endless chillout comps, ads, and media campaigns swamped the shore of our consciousness.

A young Simon Green (for it is he who is the monkey king) refused to be dragged down by the lazy journalistic prose that labeled him ‘chillout’ and ‘downtempo’. Far from it. He upped the stakes, and indeed, even stuck his neck out, moving from his original label Tru Thoughts to Ninja Tune, and set about taking things to the next level.

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