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Landlocked EP “Butterfly Kickboxing” Is Out!

January 27, 2011

Bozeman’s well-known reggae/surf rock island groovers, Landlocked have just released their first EP titled “Butterfly Kickboxing” which can be purchased on iTunes for $5.94.  Landlocked brings groovy tunes of the islands, oceans, surfing and beach girls to the landlocked people of Bozeman, MT.  Landlocked is a tsunami to be reckoned with.  These guys will blow the roof off with reggae riffs from Eric Bee on lead guitar, to the jammin’ ukuleles of Tim Garcia and Josh Mori,to the solid bass lines of Loren Block, to the beat master Sam Krutsch on drums, and finally the booming but soothing voice of David Siataga. Landlocked has already attained a reputation as the “best feel good dance music in Montana.”  The cd, I must say is awesome and for $5.94 you can’t complain.  I’ve been waiting patiently for these guys to come out with a studio recording ever since I first saw them play in the SUB Ballroom at MSU.  Here is a breakdown of the tracks:

Butterfly Kickboxing” The cd starts off with the title track of the album, first kicking you in the face, like a Rage Against the Machine song and then slippin’ into an island mode.

Love It” This track gets you into the reggae groove.  The song praises the bands love for all the lovely island lady’s out there.

Run Around” This track reminiscent of Sublimes song, talks about getting the run around from the ladies and why they got to do it.

Scrap” With a bass line snapping in like “Papa Was A Rolling Stone,” this song talks of flirting with ladies and fights with douche bags in bars.  Definitely my favorite song on the cd.

Fly Away” This song talks of meeting girls and wanting to flying away to a magical places.

Murderer”  Shout outs to Bozeman open this dark eerie groove.  She’s a murderer, look out!

These guys have a show coming up at the Bacchus Pub and will be releasing a second set of recordings in March.  For now, enjoy their hot cd.  Aloha!

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