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Jason Piskin’s “Frame of Mind” at Barrel Mountaineering, Friday January 28th

January 25, 2011

Fellow photography student, Jason Piskin will be exhibiting his most recent project “Frame of Mind” at Barrel Mountaineering, on Main St. this Friday, January 28th from 6-8pm.  Come and check out Jason’s awesome project and enjoy wine and food.

“Frame of Mind” is a series of panoramic images that show multiple views within each scene. Each view is found during my exploration of the landscape, while following the guides of various cameras toward new and diverse connotations. Each camera has its own association of the landscape, and leaves the final image with a variety of possible interpretations.

Jason used a handful of cameras and a couple different formats to capture his project, including 35mm, medium format, 4×5 and 6×8.  The cameras he used were Holga, Yashika 35mm, Nikon 35mm, Hasselblad, Toyo 4×5, Speed Graphic 6×8, and a Rolleicord.

Jason is a senior in the photography program at MSU and will be completing his second senior project this semester.  His second project will be shown at the Senior Photography Show this spring.

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