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August 28, 2010

Last night I went to the Spacecraft fundraiser, put on by Bomb Snow at the Vast Gallery, 410 N. Broadway, Bozeman.  The show was a fundraiser  to raise money for some friends of Bomb Snow who were struck by lightening in the Tetons.  All the profits are going to help cover the hospital bills.  Spacecraft was created by Stefan Hofmann as an art project revolving around creating clothing and accessories.

“Spacecraft is a vehicle for art and cultural interactions, we use graphics pushed onto innovative cut and sew clothing and accessories, we mobilize design through the production of tons of stickers in over 200 designs a year; the work is a conscious communication to insight change. We show in galleries and work on collaborations around the world, the art is first and we take care of our people, make a difference support a movement that is more than a brand.”

There were a total of 15 or so pieces  ranging from small to large.  All the pieces are for sale ranging from $75-$200.   All the art was awesome!  There are also two 100 limited screen prints, one is the cover of the new Bomb Snow issue and the other is of Mao with 3-D glasses and some bling.  These prints are $25 each. Check it out and embrace the culture.  Don’t forget to pick up the new super early winter issue of Bomb Snow at the headquarters 410 N. Broadway or at most of the hip businesses in town.

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