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Portland, Oregon

July 21, 2010

Just got back into town.  Went to Portland for the weekend, didn’t end up shooting anything but did a lot.  I arrived Friday and explored the downtown area by bike.  I checked out the legendary Burnside skatepark underneath the Burnside bridge.  From there I cruised the streets checking out vintage thrift stores, record shops, and bike shops.  That evening my mom and I had dinner with my aunt and uncle, who we stayed with, grandparents and cousins.  Later that night I met up with my good friend Miles Spadone and his girlfriend Abby, who live in the Alberta district.  We cruised to a bar called The Nest and hung out with some of their good friends. The next day I cruised around and the Alberta area near by Mississippi district.  That night I saw the Avett Brothers play at a venue called Edgefield.  Edgefield is a big farm that was purchased by McMenamins, which is big micro brewing company, that was turned into a hotel and music venue.  The area is super cool, having many little bars around the property.  On the farm the make McMenamins makes their own beer, wine, and liquor.  Sunday morning got up bright and early and went water skiing with my uncle on the Willamette River.  We then hit some golf balls at a new course my uncle had discovered.  From there we ventured to the Hollywood district where my mom and uncle grew up.  Got to see my moms old houses and my grandparents.  That night my mom and I took my relatives out to dinner.  Monday morning we drove to Lewiston to pick my dad up and drove back to Bozeman.  Was gone 3 days and packed a lot in.  Good time.

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